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Madly Madagascar
Madly Madagascar


Alex - Valentine's Day is one of Alex's FAVORITE holidays! Back in the zoo, he was practically showered with valentines from numerous admirers, but now that he's in Africa, he's finding that valentines day is not what he was used to... can he still enjoy the day even though he's not getting the amount of attention he's used to having especially since Marty is getting all the attention he himself is used to and more? Marty - Meets an Okapi girl who strikes his fancy, but she's not that interested... until Marty finds a love potion (thanks to the penguins) and puts it on! Now she is paying him attention, unfortunately, so are 90% of the females on the savannah! At first this is great, but after a while, Marty finds that being irresistible isn't all it's cracked up to be. Melman - It's his first Valentine's Day with Gloria, and as such, he's determined to make it a PERFECT one, even if it means going a bit overboard, recreating the statue of liberty in Gloria's image isn't too much, r

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