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There's a minimum order of 10 disc.

Pricelist as follows :

10 DVDs minimum, price is S$ 3 each.
20 DVDs above, price is S$ 2.50 each.
10 Blu-rays minimum, price is S$ 4 each.
3D Blu-ray goes at S$ 9 each.

For overseas postage, it's a flat fee of S$ 4.30 each for DVDs and S$ 6 each for Blu-rays with freight included. There is an additional charge of S$ 3 to register the package. Delivery would take within 5 to 10 days. Tracking is available.

Do you export overseas?
Yes, we export overseas eg. Australia, Uk, New Zealand, France & Ireland.
Collection of order
Upon checkout, please leave a way for us to contact you either via email address or mobile phone. If you don't hear from us, please confirm that you gave the right email or phone number.
Payment mode
Cash on delivery or PayPal only
Blu-rays are only playable on a blu-ray system. For 3D, please ensure that you have a 3D TV and player.
Please note that some titles are protected by cinavia. Avoid these titles if your system detects cinavia. It’s stated clearly on this website.
Your best bet is to get a cinavia-free system to ensure playability of all titles or you simply purchase our cinavia free 3D blu-ray player.
We Value your Feedback
We value all our customers’ opinions, so do feel free to feedback to us if you feel that we can further improve in terms of our services or to request for titles that are not listed..